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Safety Sample Cabinets can be added to most of the Blackfive Samplers to provide a further level of security and protection of the operators as well

as extra security to the company from unauthorised release of material from the process.  Cabinets can be fitted to valves in Horizontal or Vertical pipework and can be fitted to Series 1, Series 5, Series 6, Series 8, Series 10, Series 11 and Series 12.  A remote standard cabinet can be fitted to the Series 11.

Standard cabinets are manufactured from Grade 304 Stainless steel with a removable hinged door and a flexible polymer door seal.  The doors are fitted with an adequate safety glass viewing window allowing the sample bottle and its contents to be clearly visible.   The doors are also fitted with a chromed handle and a lock supplied with two keys.  Every cabinet is provided with a SS shelf to hold at least 3 sample bottles at a height to suit the bottle size.


Flanged connections can be provided as an extra to connect to an extraction system.  For the Series 6, Series 10 and Series 11 valves in horizontal pipework the cabinets are self supporting off the pipework.  Bottle shrouds/supports can be provided for collecting samples into serum cap bottles.  Steam heating coils can also be provided inside the cabinets for

materials liable to solidify in cold weather.  Also jackets can be provided for most valves.  Facilities to purge the bottle connectors and if necessary the cabinets with dry nitrogen can be provided.  Valves can be provided with cabinets to sample from pipelines under full vacuum. Special cabinets can be made to order if standard cabinets are not suitable.


Blackfive stock a range of Plastic, Metal and Glass Sample Bottles including plastic coated safety bottles.   (Click HERE to view bottles)