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Series 1

Low Contamination Safe Sampling Valves and Accessories

The Series 1  Low Contamination Safety Sampling Valves are one of the safest valves in the World and are used to safely sample various products ranging from hot vegetable oils in the food industry, chemicals, resins, polymers to heavy bitumen’s and still bottoms.


The valves can also sample from vessels under full vacuum and pressure at temperatures from  –60°C to 290°C or higher subject to a review of process conditions.  Also the valves can be cleaned safely in between samples in-situ whilst the full process is running within the vessel or pipeline


The Series 1 are the company’s largest selling valves with their accessories and are used by major companies throughout the world.


A Series 1 sampling system comprises:-


1. A vessel Welding Pad, Pipeline Welding Block or curved Pad.

2. A valve from the Range.

3. Sample Collection Adaptor or Decoring Tool for viscous products.

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