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Fixed and Portable Safety Rodding Devices For Process Plants


Operational SAFETY is now of significant importance for all of the process manufacturing industries and improving the safety on a plant is an objective of both design engineers and plant management. When a blockage occurs on a plant, which can be for a variety of reasons, it is exceedingly DANGEROUS to aflempt to clear the blockage by removing items of plant or opening a valve to atmosphere to clear the blockage. The usual safe action is to shut down the plant and clear the blocked section of plant and bulk material before attempting to clear the blockage.


BLACKFlVE ENGINEERING can offer an alternative to this to clear the blockage without necessarily shutting down the plant.


The Company is the leading UK manufacturer of Sample valves and sampling systems with great emphasis on operational safety. Several years ago the Company commenced manufacture of Safety Rodding Devices of the fixed variety, principally for the base of vessels, where the bottom valve was a vital element of the plant and it was necessary to reliably discharge the contents of the vessel.


It is well known that flush type valves are very expensive and not as mechanically reliable as ball valves whereas ball valves are prone to blockages due to the dead space between the vessel wall and the actual ball. However a combination of a ball valve and a Blackfive Rodding Device is an ideal combination for some processes at a much lower cost.


As a result of requests from many customers in the process industries Blackfive Engineering commenced the manufacture of PORTABLE Rodding Devices.

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