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Series 9

Road Tanker Sampling Valves

The Series 9 Tanker Sampling Valves were developed to provide a safe method of sampling solvents and chemicals upon delivery from tankers, rather than top sampling with operators having to climb onto the top of the tanker. It is reasonable to assume that upon arrival at a site after a road journey the contents of the tanker are mixed, so that taking a sample from the discharge valve is acceptable for checking the contents, before discharge to a site tank.


The valves can be held by the customer or carried by the tanker driver making the delivery. The sampler is offered in two sizes 2½" or 3" BSP. With a ½" NB outlet, and all product contact parts are in 316 Stainless steel. Several options are offered covering non contact caps in Aluminium or Stainless, gaskets in hard leather or PTFE and outlet valves standard or firesafe.


Provided the sampler is operated correctly there is no direct path for material to run out freely from the tanker which gives it the safe operation.

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